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Welcome to the 2015 site for Drointon Nurseries - The Auricula Specialists!

We are a family-run Nursery growing only Primula Auricula and have a wide range of plants from the 900+ cultivars in our collection available for sale which you can buy through our website or via our hard copy Catalogue. We only supply plants grown by ourselves from natural offsets (ie. not via micropropation), and they are sold as established plants in 7cm pots.

The site is now updated to our 2015 list but if you do not find the particular cultivar that you are seeking please do conatct us as we have many more cultivars available than appear on the website in limited quantities

We hope you all find our site easy to use and we are always interested to hear from you as to how it could be improved. We now offer the option of paying online via Worldpay when you checkout. If you would prefer us to send you an invoice once we have reserved the available plants for you, please select an alternative Payment Option during the Checkout session.

Further details on how we operate, Post & Packing Costs , and when we send out plants can be found on the Stores Policies page.

We hope you enjoy our website and that we might hear from you in the near future.

Robin & Annabel Graham

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